An All Mechanical Mod


The best conductive materials all Copper Body and Caps

All Brass Switch and Brass Adjustable Center Pin that will allow faultless connection


Anti Battery Rattle Adjustment Pin

Locking switch for easy on and off function. Medium switch touch pressure unless you desire a heavier or lighter feel (please let us know your touch preference when you order) and Adjustable switch throw

 Recommended batteries: Panasonic CGR's flat tops, AW IMR flat tops, MNKE flat tops or Sony 30 amp flat tops (batteries not included)

Very low voltage drop, direct 510 connection to the power source

18650 Power!

Proper ventilation protection

Solid Construction that is virtually indestructible but amazingly light and balanced in the hand

Each Mechanical MoneyPenny Mod has a unique stamped serial number

Adjustable Patina: you can have it in aged Copper or Bright New Penny like Copper Shine

Can be ordered for 18500 or 18350 as well as the Gold Standard 18650. (Just contact us if you want it in anything but the 18650 )

Merchant Services

​Made in the USA

​Made in the USA